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R A Fine Arts has been established as an exclusive consultancy art gallery to promote both the modern and traditional visual art forms of this country and the Asean region.
In recent years, the serious acquisition of original artworks, by the corporate world and the growing numbers of professional Malaysians, has fostered a healthy climate of art appreciation and art connoisseurship
within the country.
We offer within our premises the selected works of Malaysia’s distinguished modern artists as well as those from the finest traditional craftsmen from the Southeast Asian region.  

The Evolution of a Modern Malaysian Art Tradition 

The modern Malaysian art tradition has a history of nearly 90 years. During this period, several generations of Malaysian visual artists have contributed to the dynamic growth of a vibrant and colourful artistic tradition that is unique to this country’s pluralistic and multi-facetted socio-cultural contexts.

Our Malaysian artists have mirrored the complexities of this nations’s ongoing search for cultural identity through their diverse artistic expressions and meaningful experimentations. Many of our artists have exhibited internationally and acquired international recognitions. Their art works have been collected by local and international art museums, the corporate world and individual art collectors from the Asia-Pacific region.

Art as a Viable Form of Investment

Since the 1990s, the works of our major Malaysian artists have begun to be viewed and analysed within the purview of the larger Southeast Asian and even Asia-Pacific art contexts. The works of our most significant Malaysian “masters” have been exhibited in significant exhibitions within the region and even in the West. Our significant artists continue to receive international exposureand recognition. Modern Malaysian art works have also been systematically studied and analysed by local and international art historians and have been included in reputable scholarly art publications and art journals, to date.

Malaysian artefacts are today esteemed collectibles that have become a viable form of financial investment. The present growing demand for such artefacts have also resulted in the emergence of a viable secondary art market wherein private art collectors are now releasing their collections for sale at record prices, unimaginable only 20 years before.

Why collect and display art works?

Art works by their very nature allow for a sophisticated and aesthetic ambience wherever they are displayed. They certainly add prestige and elan in the enhancement of the corporate image of a prestigious organisation. On another level, the purchase of Malaysian art works also allows for tax exemptions. Prestigious art works make excellent and much appreciated gifts that can be presented to local and international corporate clients and also to personal friends.

Role of R A Fine Arts

R A Fine Arts has,as such, been specially formed to play an advisory role for our potential clients who wish to collect and invest in serious Malaysian artefacts. It has been noticed that many of our earlier clients have not had the time nor the opportunity to avail themselves of the finest examples of our Malaysian visual culture and art objects.

RA Fine Arts Director

Raja Ahmad Aminullah was born in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1955 and was initially educated at the Malay College, Kuala Kangsar. He continued his studies in mass communication at Uitm and later, in London where he studied Law. In 1996, he founded the Perak Arts Foundation (Yayasan Kesenian Perak) with other Malaysian writers and art activists. He continues as the foundation’s Chairman. A respected arts connoisseur and an avid cultural promoter, he has also served as publisher/editor for several literary and art critical books. He has published an anthology of his poems Soulship/Menyarung Jiwa (2004) which received critical recognition. A new translation of Menyarung Jiwa / Soulship has just been published by the Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) and Minda Tertawan - Intelektual, Rausyanfikir dan Kuasa (2011).

RA Fine Arts Select Panel of Advisors

RA Fine Arts has been assisted in their professional endeavours by a special Advisory Board of art experts drawn from this country and the region. These experienced art personalities include:
YBhg. Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, Distinguished National Artist of Malaysia (Seniman Negara) and former Director of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.
Encik Redza Piyadasa, Recipient of the International Prince Claus Lifetime Achievement Award from the Netherlands; Member of the Four-Man Acquisitions Board, Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka City, Japan. Distinguished Malaysian artist, art historian, curator and author.
Encik Yeoh Jin Leng, Distinguished Malaysian painter, ceramics artist and pioneer art educationist.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria Ali, Distinguished Malaysian artist, art historian and author.
Encik Ramon Orlina, Distinguished Philippine architect, sculptor and former President of the Art Association of the Philippines
Ibu Kartika Affandi, Distinguished Indonesian artist and Custodian-Director of the Affandi Art Museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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