Friday, March 1, 2013

Upcoming exhibition

“Chapter 1 : Rebirth” a solo exhibition by an innovative and exciting young artist Akhmal Asyraf features contemporary artworks using recycled objects, re-fashioned into new artistic artwork. The artworks featured in this exhibition cover a wide range of styles and utilise new medium. They include paintings, mixed media collage on wood and decollage in art. It is created by cutting, throwing away or tarring pieces of original image.

In the context of Malaysian visual art, Akhmal Asyraf can be categorized as belonging to a new generation of artists who create mixed media collage on wood with elements of Pop styles based on his own experience regarding the rapid development of the environment and more especially of his surroundings.

What is exciting about his artworks is his ability to imbue meaning based on the current social realities while there may be traces of Pop art in his very individualised fashioning of his painting and artworks.

R A Fine Arts is open on Tuesday to Saturday (11am – 7pm) and Sunday (12noon – 5pm). 

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